Company Overview
As one of the nation's leading liberal arts colleges, Denison University boasts generations of students who can attest to its effect on their lives. Each would cite a different reason. And they'd all be right, because Denison's liberal arts tradition and residential community create a college of endless personal possibilities. Denison’s culture and environment attracts and retains people who enjoy working with college students from all walks of life.

We value, support, and sustain our employees. Our benefits are highly competitive and include continuing education, access to outstanding fitness and athletics facilities, and collaboration with smart, high-achieving colleagues who are enthusiastic about their work.

Finding a good fit with an employer often means aligning our values. Below are a few of the values we are committed to at Denison; you will find more here. Our Shared Values
Denison employees provide a nurturing environment for students to grow and develop into autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents and engaged citizens. This work is supported by our commitment to a slate of shared values that guide our interactions as faculty and staff.

Acting on these values, Denison colleagues:
  • Inspire Trust
  • Express Gratitude
  • Pursue Growth & Learning
  • Care for the Community
  • Invest in Relationships
  • Are Respectful
  • Act with Integrity
  • Embrace Diversity
At Denison, you will find work that is interesting and often challenging. Our 100% residential campus means that faculty and staff interact and problem-solve with students on a regular basis. In this vibrant campus community, there are opportunities for professional development, to connect and collaborate cross-departmentally, and to engage in an inclusive and creative culture.

Denison’s location in Granville brings the best of both worlds to your employment experience. Frequently appearing on lists of most beautiful small towns, Granville also has excellent local schools and a strong community vibe. We are just 35 minutes from downtown Columbus, with all the amenities of a large city, including a wide-ranging music and arts scene, terrific shopping and restaurants, and major-league hockey and soccer teams. And Licking County seat Newark is a convenient 10 minutes away with large grocery stores, local arts, and shopping at both small retailers and big-box stores.

To achieve our mission as a liberal arts college, we continually strive to attract and hire candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences and identities. Denison fosters a campus community that recognizes the value of all persons regardless of age, disability, ethnicity, gender expression and identity, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background. For additional information and resources about diversity at Denison, please see our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity and antiracism (IDEA) at

Denison University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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Denison University
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