Featured in Forbes, The Consumerist, and Simply Hired, Amanda Abella has created a firestorm online community where millenials are seeking to create their best lives.

In 2010 Amanda created GRAD MEETS WORLD – which turned into one the internet’s premier blogs where college grads and twenty-somethings come for career, money, entrepreneurship, and wellness advice. It’s a new kind of blog that has resonated with a new kind of generation.

Since then, Amanda has expanded into igniting the lives of way more than just recent college grads. Through her FIRE Philsophy she has created compelling content, workshops, lectures and coaching programs that strive to help each individual live from their Inner Fire, create the lives they dream of, and have a hell of a good time doing it.

Think ambition junkie meets career development…with the added twist of Gen Y spunk and a sprinkle of spirituality. That’s Amanda. Or as she puts it, “I’m a Gen Y Enthusiast. I’m the one that says YES YOU CAN when society says otherwise.”

Amanda’s personal stories of moving back home after college, unemployment, side hustling, working in the recruiting industry, struggles with anxiety and fear of the unknown resonate with a generation who has been told the Recession has ruined the rest of their lives. Her perspective of hope, change and adventure mixed with a passionate work ethic has created a platform where Millenials have sought refuge and inspiration.

Part pep-talk, part strategizing and part business the FIRE Philsophy strives to provide personal development advice that flows with an emerging generation of socially, spiritually and economically conscious go-getters. We are a community who believes in the power of people, the ability to create our lives and that happiness is a choice.

Witty, straight-shooting, practical and slightly unconventional, Amanda hands you an invitation to cultivate a life of creative fulfillment, chase your dreams, and live as authentically as you possibly can. It’s a testament that you can have both money and passion. It’s a driving force that exudes the belief that societal and economic pressures will not define someone’s life. It’s a credo for the creative individual, the entrepreneurial spirit and the person who wants to live a conscious and fulfilling life.