Susan Davidson

Susan Davidson

Susan Davidson was the founder and president of Beyond Borders, Inc., an Atlanta-based training, coaching and consulting firm that specializes in improving the business performance of global leaders and teams. Susan has served Fortune 500 and global corporations for 28 years to improve the sales, management and communication skills of executives, managers and their employees.

For the past ten years, she has managed her own business, serving the performance improvement needs of U.S. and global professionals in both large corporations and small businesses.

Susan has provided a variety of performance improvement initiatives to corporate clients including cross-cultural training and leadership coaching, multi-cultural team building, leadership development and coaching, suggestion systems, employee reward and recognition programs, performance management, negotiation skills, employee motivation training, and communication style awareness.

Ms. Davidson has written several articles and been quoted in the New York Times on her groundbreaking research with foreign business professionals working in the United States on “Corporate Culture Shock in America.” She has been a featured speaker on this topic for various Atlanta professional and international organizations.

Ms. Davidson served two terms on the board of the Georgia Coach Association and led an innovative research project on “The State of Corporate Coaching in Atlanta.” She is a member of the International Coach Federation and has served as a three-time volunteer mentor in the Georgia 100 program, targeted at high-potential women in Atlanta’s corporate community.

For more information, contact Susan Davidson at 770-451-9977.